Redefining the music industry to deliver with integrity, responsibility, and purpose


New Earth MUZiQ is committed to transforming the music industry by engaging in large-scale music venue operation, event production, and artist management services, while strongly rooted in the socially and environmentally responsible standards of Certified B Corporations. We aim to deliver with integrity, while continually inspiring and educating this powerful, influential industry to serve as an impactful community player and a sustaining part of our local economies.


Music is one of the most powerful and influential forms of expression in the world. This powerful vessel holds great opportunities for educating the entities involved in artist and venue management and event production, not only on how to deliver with integrity and responsibility, but that sustainability can be profitable.

At New Earth MUZIQ we aim to fulfill an unmet, urgent need to transition music venues and event spaces into socially and environmentally responsible operations. Like the organic movement in the food industry, we wish to bring a new, higher standard to the entertainment industry. As a hub for innovation and progress, we will collaborate with businesses, artists, and fellow change-makers to grow into a new era of interdependence.

By committing to the B Corp certification process for all New Earth MUZiQ operations, we hold a stake in the success and expansion of the B Corp community. Through support from the non-profit, B Lab, our goal is to serve as a B Local Hub, inspiring, educating, and celebrating fellow B Corps and interested parties in local communities.