New Earth MUZiQ is forging a new path, one where music venues serve all of it’s stakeholders. We recognize the vast opportunities for music venues to support the artist and music community, engage in socially responsible initiatives, empower our local economies, and be a steward for the environment. We are implementing socially and environmentally responsible practices and initiatives throughout our multiple operations, hosted events, and programming.

  • We have successfully certified our first venue, New Earth Music Hall, as a B Corporation and are on the road to certifying all music venues associated with New Earth MUZiQ.
  • We are committed to measuring and improving our social and environmental performance throughout our venues’ operations, initiatives, and programming.
  • Our venues utilize recycled and reclaimed construction materials throughout their building and renovation process and continue to implement programs and processes that enable the operation to be as sustainable as possible.
  • We believe in honoring higher worker standards for our venue employees and supporting them with living wages.
  • Our music venues abide by an Ethical Purchasing Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct and stock their bars and facilities with products that further support the local economy, reduce waste, and connect us with fellow socially responsible businesses and programs.
  • Our music venue create long-lasting and supportive partnerships with local businesses and organizations.